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Infrared Sauna Dealers is your team of sauna specialists located in Utah that services clients nationwide. Our combined experience of over 40 years in health and wellness has enabled us to become experts in the unique features and advantages of the Clearlight® infrared brand.

“Using well researched and reliable technology.”

We recognized early on the advantage of the precise science behind the Clearlight® infrared approach in using well researched and reliable technology. Add to that, their special attention to aesthetics and smart features, and you have an unbeatable assortment of saunas to choose from. The Clearlight Sanctuary™ and the Clearlight Premier™ are each superior in their own way, with unique features designed to suit your tastes and needs.

We gathered well researched information describing what Infrared saunas are, how they use infrared heat to heal the body, and how easy it is to have Clearlight Infrared™ advanced sauna technology delivered to your home. Feel free to call us anytime and we will talk you through the processes of creating a “sauna solution” to fit your needs.

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