The sun produces the full spectrum of light we are all familiar with and see in nature as a rainbow of color. It also produces the invisible infrared spectrum which encapsulates the warmth of the sun and brakes down into three categories:

Infrared Wavelengths

  • Near Infrared – Absorbed just below the surface of the skin, this wavelength is the shortest and helps raise the core body temperature which produces sweat that helps to shed dead skin cells and rejuvenate the body’s own anti-aging abilities.
  • Mid Infrared – This longer wavelength penetrates deeper into the soft tissue of the body and helps increase circulation and release oxygen to injured areas.
  • Far Infrared – As the longest wavelength in the spectrum, far infrared penetrates to even greater levels of the body resulting in increased metabolism while improving circulation through vasodilation. It assist’s in detoxifying as it relaxes the muscles and reduces joint pain.

Full Spectrum Infrared runs the entire spectrum of near infrared, mid infrared and far infrared and gives you all benefits from all three wavelengths. All Clearlight Sanctuary Sauna™ models include True Wave™ Full Spectrum infrared heaters.

Take a Look Inside a Clearlight Infrared™ Sauna

The first thing people experience when they sit inside a Clearlight InfraredTM sauna is the feeling of top-quality craftsmanship. All sauna models are hand sanded with the wood panel colors cut to match. Each sauna is equipped with True WaveTM infrared heaters that emit infrared radiant heat which is designed to raise your core body temperature not the air around you. These heaters warm up faster than traditional steam saunas and work on a level the body is accustomed to which promotes healing by increasing blood flow. It only takes 15 minutes to warm up, and once you’re in the ideal temperatures of infrared, you can stay longer and get better results. All of the Clearlight® infrared saunas we sell have strict ETL safety certifications to ensure they meet or exceed product safety standards and in the Sanctuary sauna model, the silver front heaters are True WaveTM full spectrum heaters offering near, mid and far infrared.

A few reasons why we recommend Infrared Saunas over conventional saunas:

  • Conventional saunas use indirect heat which heats the air to an uncomfortable 180℉ to 200℉. These temperatures are not natural for the body to sustain and causes and unhealthy stress response within the cells of the body.
  • Clearlight Infrared™ saunas operate temperature for inferred absorption 100℉ to 130℉ which is more comfortable and less stress-inducing. Only 20% of their energy for heating the air while the rest of the energy goes to heating the body allowing you to stay longer and maximize the healing benefits.
  • Conventional saunas need 30-90 minutes of heat-up time before use while Clearlight Infrared™ saunas take only 10 to 15 minutes, which helps to lower the electricity costs.
  • The lower temperatures of Clearlight Infrared™ saunas allow sweating at a faster pace with a higher tolerance level for greater health benefits as compared to conventional saunas.
  • Clearlight Infrared™ saunas are “dry saunas” which many people find more comfortable and leave you feeling invigorated and energetic while conventional saunas leave you feeling depleted.
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